The Show

With World renowned hypnotist, Martin St James as a father, it was always on the cards that Shane St James would follow him into the spotlight.

The subjects used in Shane's show are not 'victims' chosen from his audiences, but volunteers who clamour for the chance!.

"I'm practically knocked over in the rush of people when I call for volunteers", Shane says, "It's such great therapy. Laughing triggers healing chemicals within our bodies. It actually exercises the internal organs when we laugh, the end result is a marvellous feeling of well being."

Be there as members of the audience carry on in a totally uninhibited and outrageous manner!. You'll be mesmerized, paralysed, pasteurized... but can you be hypnotized?

Don't miss Shane St James!

"The segment went brilliantly& had everyone watching in stitches!"

- Frankie J. Holden

"Your show was undoubtedly one of the most popular in our entertainment program."

- Royal Easter Show